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Discover authentic romanian food and drinks from the comfort of your own home or come and visit us at our restaurant and bar to have a great time and experience


House Speciality

£28.00 Very slowly roasted pork knuckle with braised sour cabbage, polenta, horseradish and a chilli pepper 1,6kg. Please let your server know if you would like your knuckle served on the bone. For 2 hungry people

Great Vlad The Impaler Dish

£32,50 Black Angus Tomahawk beef steak, served with mixed salad and traditional potatoes. Dish for 2 people.

Duke's Dish

£12.50 Duke's Dishis a slowly roasted pork ribs with rustic potatoes with thyme and garlic. 350 g

Dracula steak Burger

£ 11,50 Dracula steak Burger with Cheddar cheese, served with hand cut chips 240 / 150 g

Traditional Romanian Food

£ 8,50 Mixed minced meat rolled in cabbage with polenta, sour cream and a chili pepper on the side 775g

Student Menu £7.50

No study on an empty belly. So come to Transylvania Land from Monday till Friday, between 12 AM and 4 PM with your student card and you’ll enjoy a more than satisfying meal.

School session menu
Kransky sausages 100 g
Hand cut chips 150 g
TransylvaniaLand house beer 300 ml
or lemonade 300 ml

Granted student menu
Fried pressed cheese coated with breadcrumbs 120 g
Mashed potato with greens 185 g
TransylvaniaLand house beer 300 ml or lemonade 300 ml

Failed exams menu
Skinless sausages (3 pcs) 240 g
Hand cut chips 150 g
Transylvania Land house beer 300 ml or lemonade 300 ml

Oustanding student menu
Chicken breast schnitzel 140g
Rustic potatoes with thyme and garlic 180g
Transylvania Land house beer 300 ml or lemonade 300ml

Meal Deal £ 11.95

De luni pân ă vineri, între orele 12:00 şi 16:00, la Transylvania Land îţi poţi face meniul taman pe gustul tău. În funcție de tipul de porțiea leasă , vei primi toate felurile de mâncare cu gramajul corespunzător.

Ciorbe, supe și gustări
Fasole făcăluită 250g
Supă cremă de legume cu crutoane de casă 350g
Mămăliguță cu unt, brânză telemea și smântână, alături de ou ochi prăjit în tigaie 450g

Fel principal
Ceafă de porc la grătar 200g
Ciocănele de pui la cuptor 300g
Mititei 2 / 3 buc 240g Tocăniţă de viţel 250g Cașcaval pane cu pesmet proaspăt 180g

Cartofi țărănești cu cimbru și usturoi 250g
Cartofi proaspăt prăjiți 200g
Orez cu legume 250g

Salată de varză albă 200g
Salată de varză murată 200g
Salată de roșii și castraveți 200g

Clatite cu nutela/gem 200g


£18.00 Romanian cold meat platter with accompaniments 500g
Sausages, pressed ham, sibiu salami, sasesc salami, cheese, green onion, cow chesse, drum, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, portion for 2 people

£25.00 Peasant’s platter 550g
Pork neck, rams, chicken breast, sausages, pasta baking, mici, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes /for 2 people

£11.00 Romanian cheese platter 500g
„Burduf” mature cheese, goat cheese, sheep cheese, curd, fresh cucumbers, spring onion and tomato /for 2 people

£8.50 Manly Platter 400g
Pork scraps, red onion, pickled cucumber, homemade bread

£3.95 Smokey eggplant "Zakusca" dip 200g

£3.95 Homemade boeuf salad 250g

£4.50 Fresh eggplant dip with tomatoes and onion 280g

£4.50 Fried pressed cheese coated with breadcrumbs 180g

£6.50 Fried squid with mayonnaise and garlic sauce 200g

£5.50 Polenta with grated Romanian "Telemea" cheese, sour cream and a fried egg 550g

£5.00 Chicken Nugget

Grilled dishes

£11.50 Dracula steak Burger with Cheddar cheese, served with hand cut chips 240/150 g

£8.50 Grilled lamb with polenta 290 g / 300 g

£1.25 Classic Romanian skinless sausages "Mici" /each 80 g

£17.90 “Dracula” mixed grill platter 660 g / 250 g
Chicken breast, pork neck, Kransky and smoked sausages, "Mici" and turkey breast with oven rustic potatoes / for 2 people

£4.50 Grilled chicken breast 200 g

£4.50 Grilled pork neck 200 g

£5.50 Outlaw skewers with vegetables 360 g
Chicken, pork, vegetables

£3.95 Dry-cured Romanian "Pleșcoi" sausages (spicy) 130 g

Special salads

£6.00 Romaine salad, grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, parmesan, garlic croutons, Caesar dressing 300g

£5.50 Tuna, mixed leaves, bell pepper or red pepper, red onion, sweetcorn,Kalamata olives, boiled egg and fresh lemon dressing 290g

£4.00 Dressed mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, bell pepper or red pepper, green olives and Vinaigrette dressing 250 g

Homemade dishes

£12.00 Pan fried tender lamb pastrami, sprinkled with wine, polenta on the side 250 g / 300 g

£13.50 R omanian pastrami with hand cut chips and pickles 150 g / 200 g / 100 g

£7.50 Chicken liver with mased potatoes and polenta 300 g

£8.50 Moldavian stew with polenta and grated cheese 250 g / 300 g

£7.50 Traveler’s dish: Calf stew 250 g

£9.50 Rustic pan fried chicken breast, pork fillet, pork neck, beef fillet and vegetables 240 g

£7.50 Chicken breast schnitzel 195 g

£8.50 Mixed minced meat rolled in cabbage with polenta, sour cream and a chili pepper on the side 775 g

£7.50 Marinated meatballs in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes with greens 270 g / 250 g

£7.90 Bean ragout served with smoked grilled sausages 510 g

Fresh fish

£12.50 Spaghetti with mussels, king prawns and squid in a tomato & garlic sauce

£11.00 Grilled salmon cutlet 250 g

£13.90 Romanian carp in brine, polenta on the side 670 g

£13.90 Pan fried Romanian carp with polenta and garlic paste 485 g

Soups, creams

£5.20 Bean soup with smoked pork served in a bread bowl 350 g

£4.50 Beef soup 350 g

£5.50 Soured tripe soup 350 g

£4.50 Chicken Soup 350 g

Side dishes

£2.50 Rustic potatoes with thyme and garlic avor 250 g

£2.50 Mashed potatoes with greens 250 g

£2.50 Hand cut chips 200 g

£3.50 Grilled seasonal vegetables 140 g

£2.30 Braised sour cabbage 250 g

£2.30 Rice with vegetables 250 g

£4.00 Romanian bean casserole 350 g

£2.00 Polenta 300 g

Homemade desserts

£3.95 Pancake with chocolate and bananas 210g

£3.95 Pancake with jam and nuts 200g

£4.50 Caramel custard 180g

£5.50 Home made biscuit 200 g

£5.50Delicious “Romanian” doughnuts with sweet cheese, sour cream and jam 420 g

£3.50Fruit salad with icecream 260g

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